What Homeowners Should Look for in a Flooring Contractor

Are you a homeowner that is looking to have new flooring installed?  Are you trying to decide how to find the right flooring contractor? Do you have questions about flooring?

Today many homeowners are searching for a flooring contractor that has the qualifications to install the flooring. Homeowners also have a lot of questions that they are looking to get answered about their flooring project.


Selecting the right flooring is a major decision as well as selecting the right flooring installer.  When hiring a professional flooring installer, you want to make sure your questions are answered related to your project to make sure you hired the right flooring installer. The one question many homeowners ask themselves is “Where do I find the right flooring contractor to install my flooring?”

Below is a list of things to ask and check for when selecting your flooring contractor.

1. Verify flooring contractor is licensed and insured

This is a very easy question homeowners can ask and is often a question that is missed when talking to flooring contractors.  With so many different flooring products and do-it-yourself manuals, floors can be installed by anyone these days.  A professional flooring contractor installs flooring correctly when novice flooring installers seem to miss finalizing decisions that a professional flooring contractor always catches.

Homeowners sometimes break the budget when upgrading flooring when they find a flooring product that is more expensive and more desirable than the flooring that that initially wanted. This is when the homeowner looks for ways to save on the installation cost of the flooring.   The area that homeowners often try to save costs on is the area when selecting the flooring contractor.

The installation is actually the most important part of the flooring.   Using professional flooring installers is always the best option. Using professional flooring contractors that are licensed and insured will guarantee that you are going to get a quality installation that is guaranteed.  Licensed contractors often offer warranties on their service in case there may be settling issues or other minor issues related to the flooring.

2. Get at least three installation quotes

Flooring contactors can provide “deals” when installing flooring.  Don’t fall for the “flooring deals” that they offer which many homeowners fall for.  You might see these deal that are offered when you are searching for a flooring contractor.  Sometime these offers are always too good to be true which costs the homeowners in additional costs.  

Companies don’t stay in business by offering unbelievable deals.  They look for ways that they can charge homeowners on services and products. Make sure to get the offer in writing to ensure that you can see the breakdown of the products and installation to make sure there are no hidden costs.

3. Ask a lot of questions

If you have questions you want to ask, write them down so you can remember all the questions you want answered.  Continue to write down more questions if you still have questions.  Professional flooring contractors will answer all your questions while ensuring you are completely happy before they start the project.

A novice flooring contractor will more than likely get agitated with all the questions. They will try to impress you with the sale or deal and spin the answer into something you don’t understand.  They will try to get you to sign the contract quickly.

Here is a list of questions to ask.

  • How much time will it take to complete the project?
  • What types of issues may happen during the project?
  • What is the best flooring for my project?
  • What type of maintenance should I do for the flooring? 

These are only a few examples to help you start your list of questions for your flooring project.

4. Investigate and check contractors

Today most businesses can be easily checked and verified on the internet.  Check to see if they have a business website, Facebook business page or if they have reviews from previous installations.   If the business is a viable business, they want to make sure that their customers are happy. Happy customers are repeat customers and provide positive reviews for their business.

If the company has been around for a while, you will be able to see the history of the business and how previous customers respond to reviews.  After a little investigation and chatting with the flooring contractor, you will quickly be able to decide on the direction you should hire for your flooring project.

Experienced flooring contactors make happy homeowners

Flooring products today make it easy for almost anyone to install flooring.  To ensure that you are happy with your flooring for years, make sure to hire a flooring contractor that will install the flooring the right way.  Make sure to ask questions and check the contractor.   Do your due diligence when looking for the right contractor.  Skimping out and not checking contractors may cost you in the long run.  When looking for the right contactor, it can be an easy process if you have all your tasks and questions lined up. All you have to do is following simple rules when looking for the right contractor.  Following simple rules can guarantee that you find the right flooring contractor while saving you time and money on your project. Remember flooring contractors that are reluctant to answering questions can be a sign that they are not experienced in flooring installation. Flooring projects are big projects and big investments, taking your time on your flooring project will guarantee that you will be happy with your flooring installation and the flooring contractor that you hired to install your flooring. If you still have questions and are looking for a flooring contractor in the Flooring Contractor Overland Park area, Contact Overland Park Flooring today to discuss your flooring installation project.

Popular Bathroom Flooring Trends

Today homeowners are looking for the best possible ways to update their bathroom and give their bathroom a new updated look.  There are several ways today that homeowners can make updates to their flooring. Homeowners can select from a wide variety of flooring choices that will make their home beautiful and last for years to come. 


Popular Bathroom Tiles  

1.Wood Like Tiles

Once of the most popular trends that homeowners are looking at for flooring is laminate flooring that looks hardwood.  The laminate flooring is a popular choice because it is durable and moisture resistant compared to traditional hardwood floorings. Laminate hardwood products look similar to hardwood and give the flooring a wood like realistic look. Laminate flooring comes in many different types of colors and patterns.  The choice on laminate flooring is endless and can make homeowners overwhelmed with the number of selection choices to choose from. Popular shades and colors that homeowners choose from are light grays and whites.

 2. Stenciled Tiles That Give Vintage Look

If you are looking at a retro look and feel, then selecting bead board, wainscoting, or shiplap are the top choices to select from. Tiles with these patterns can be mesmerizing. The popular color choices for these tiles are colors with black and white stenciled tiles.  

3. Mosaics 

Mosaics tiles are a popular tile selection with the top color choices of white marble and marble with both white and black patterns.  Mosaics tiles come in a lot of different patterns and shapes such as small squares, herringbone, chevron, hexagons and basket weave tile shapes.  The most popular remodeling option for mosaics are using the same white marble throughout the bathroom and creating patterns with the shapes on the floor, walls and shower area.

4. Light Toned Shades Such as Gray and White

Lighter colors and neutral colors are really popular choices in bath remodeling.  If a bathroom is smaller, lighter colors will help make the bathroom look and feel bigger especially if there is no natural light in the room.  Color choices such as whites, creams and grays are the top color choices for a bathroom.   These colors are colors that continue to be popular throughout the years.

 5. Radiant Heat Floors

Heated floors are popular in bathrooms where the flooring is usually cooler due to the tiled flooring.  It is a luxury upgrade but in the winter it is an upgrade that pays off when tile is naturally colder.  Technology for radiant floors continues to improve allowing homeowners to buy radiant flooring at a fraction of the cost of previous radiant flooring costs.  

6. Matte and Honed Finishes

The popularity of matt and honed finishes has risen with product selection for bathroom remodeling.  The surfaces that are being updated are counter tops, tiles and hardware. If you are upgrading tile, matt finishes are a surface that is easier to maintain and safer a surface especially for flooring.  If you still like the glossy look, use glossy tiles on the walls and matt finishes on the floors. 

7. Geometric and Linear Shapes 

More patterns today are being updated with linear and geometric shapes.  Homeowners are putting the shapes on the walls and flooring which is making the design an exciting look and feel.  Linear patterns are usually the most popular pattern in design choice. With so many different looks, you can choose from wood like tiles and striations in tiles. The choice of geometric and linear shape design choices is endless for homeowners to choose from.


When looking at bathroom remodeling design choices, you will need to review all the options available for your bathroom remodeling update.  When picking tiles, colors and other materials, make sure that all the materials complement each other and will work for the room. Remember to pick materials that will work with the lighting in the room and size of the room.  If you follow simple steps when designing your new bathroom remodeling project, you will be happy with the finished project for years to come.