The Friends promote the performance of traditional music through our Music in the Schools program. Musical performances in the past have varied from square dance demonstrations and old-time music to traditional Irish music and dance.

“A culture is preserved one generation at a time”
Dewey Balfa

In March, 1999, the Friends, in cooperation with the Sioux Falls Sister Cities Association sponsored 20 Irish step-dancers from the acclaimed Barrett’s Irish Dance School in Strabane, Northern Ireland. The group spent ten days performing in Sioux Falls schools. In addition to traditional Irish step-dance, the group performed a special set “Hands Across the Ocean”, symbolizing the bridging of cultures and bonding of friendships through music and dance. Tears flowed like soft Irish rain when these gifted young performers parted with new-found friends and left for their homes in Northern Ireland, a testimonial to the value and worth of this sponsorship.

With the advent of  budget cuts in the schools, music is one of the first activities to be scaled back. FOTM is committed to providing funds to supplement traditional music programs to our younger generations. Help us to preserve our musical heritage, contribute to the Music in Schools funds.